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World Mosaics 4

Genre: Puzzle

You are to visit The Atlantis World Museum and take part in its restoration. The Museum is lifted from the ocean floor, and all the displays are totally destroyed! Therefore you have to rehabilitate the exhibits in order to breathe new life into the museum. You are offered numerous pictographic conundrums in this Puzzle game World Mosaics 4. You'll visit such sights as Stonehenge or the Pharaoh’s Tomb, travel by the Silk Road and see eleven more eye-catching locations. Download World Mosaics 4 for free, the fate of The Atlantis World Museum is in your hands!

Title - World Mosaics 4 Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Plunge into World Mosaics 4, a Puzzle game launched by Fugazo. The underwater museum keeps the mosaics gathered from all over the planet! Tessellate the world!
World Mosaics 4 game




We were happy to see the fourth entry in the popular World Mosaics series. We were ready to get a lot of pleasure from this outstanding puzzle but World Mosaics 4 by Fugazo turned out to be the greatest disappointment of this week... Read more

World Mosaics 4 involves all regular things of this series: custom cursor, full screen option, tips and tricks. The music fits game atmosphere and the artwork is what it needs to be for the backgrounds and the game itself. While we respect this type of games, we are extremely disappointed in this chapter in the series. Usually we wait for something new with a new chapter. But this title not only copies the gameplay of its predecessors but basically the same as the first, second and third. Just few puzzles are a little bit different and, of course, plot have been modified.

Challenge is somewhat absent in this puzzle, and World Mosaics 4 might hardly ever capture any fans. The greatest lack of this title is its boards that the developers didn’t even try to make bigger. The player has still to prove his puzzle skills on these tiny boards. We closed our eyes on this defect in the previous installments hoping that someday the developers would be still pleased to this in the next chapters. Alas! They did nothing of the kind.

All in all, with so many shortcomings, this pictographic puzzle looks like a come-off. Being fettered by the promise of giving the fourth chapter, the developers had to do this. As a result, they didn’t bother much and give us this sad ending to the illustrious puzzle series.

15, February 2011



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