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7 Gates: The Path to Zamolxes game

7 Gates: The Path to Zamolxes

Genre: PuzzleMatch-3

Have fun with new amazing Match- 3 game and return the hidden to people in Gates: The Path to Zamolxes! This unique installment takes you to the amazing adventure and offers to spent hours passing entertaining and interesting levels one by one. a chosen you must overcome all obstacles and get back all the treasures hidden by the Dacians gods. You can download Gates: The Path to Zamolxes now, it is absolutely for free and will bring you nothing but fun. Good luck!




Hidden treasures, tricky Match-3 puzzles and ton of levels are waiting for you in the new casual game from Bq Team – 7 Gates: The Path to Zamolxes!.. Read more

Although the premise is quite familiar, the story is very interesting, running on actual ancient traditions of a real group of people called Dacians, who were famous for their brave and courage nature. These real historic events are well presented by the developers, making the playing very addictive and intriguing.

To our surprise, we find 7 Gates: The Path to Zamolxes very challenging and compelling, in that it’s hard to keep yourself from selecting another level to play, over and over. The intrigue is also kept by the time limit that is very cruel. However, this time limit seems to be only a time limit suggestion because levels keep playing until you manage to finish. If you are an honest player, you will try to finish all levels in time again and again.

Graphically, 7 Gates: The Path to Zamolxes is stunning and integrated several different styles that compliment each other beautifully. The music background is annoying and not varied but can be turned off. The gameplay elements don’t seem unique though, it still hook you from the very beginning.

We’ve dealt with different Match-3 games but this title is really a new one. Interesting historic background and highly absorbing gameplay will grab you for several hours. No wonder, if you will try until your fingers bleed or at least until you can get better.