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A Wizard's Curse

Genre: Hidden Object

Put an end to the curse of an evil wizard in the new enthralling Hidden object game Wizard’s Curse. The wizard threatens to all the people who live in the countryside and he promises to destroy their lives. You are an alchemist who must save the world from his cruelty though you consider that your skills are not enough to defeat him. But people trust you and you have to overwhelm all the hurdles. Solve all the tricky puzzles and find every shrouded object in the new gripping Hidden object game Wizard’s Curse.

Title - A Wizard's Curse Game Download for PC Description - Set about A Wizard's Curse, a Hidden Object game created by Hullabu. Defeat an evil wizard who threatens to destroy people’s lives in a local countryside.


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A Wizard's Curse game

A Wizard's Curse

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The casual games about the sorcerers of all kinds is a common thing nowadays. “Ruin the magician’s master plan!”, say all these slogans. We have already played at the identical games for a thousand times. Usually, you are a “good” guy who must defeat a “bad” one. Seemingly, there is nothing new could be figured out. However, the fresh team of developers call themselves Hullabu has tried to push the limits. The new Hidden Object game named A Wizard’s Curse offers the gamer to play a role of an alchemist. This mixer of a magic cocktails is a disciple of the sorcerers’ order. This is an interesting idea, is it not? It is a rare opportunity for us to track the footsteps of the follower of a “dark side”. Though, we cannot suppose our alchemist to be an evil stooge, we should not disregard the possibility of some dirty job executions. Even if he was forced by order. Anyway, let us begin our magic trip... Read more

A skillful Wizard have gone insane. He is wandering around the countryside and trying to amuse himself by means of turning the terrified people into a stone. The order decides to stop this madness. The Council of Sorcerers choose you, a young hopeful alchemist, to complete this mission. You must track down a magician and make him stop. Also, you must get rid of the various spells and bring the statues of countrymen to life. Fortunately, the main character occupies the position of an alchemist. So, you will make an end of a powerful sorcery with no trouble. In other words, all you need is your mixing skills and the required ingredients. The components of your magic potion must be found first! As usual, you are given some locations to look for carefully hidden items. Unfortunately, there is no interactive map. It is a shame because you can be doomed to wander around for a long time. If you have lost your way, you have no choice, but to enjoy the sleepy coastal village. We must say the areas are incredibly picturesque! The same thing deals with the other territories. For example, the location you will start your game with is really shocking! We are not going to give any spoilers, so, you should experience that scene by yourself. A Wizard’s Curse has a standard gameplay based on a seek-and-find scheme. An adventure is added, but it has nothing remarkable except for the few tasks. As for the Puzzles, they are quite difficult. We are able to say even the experts will rack their brains for cracking these riddles. However, if you meet the deadlock, you are able to press the skip button and proceed to the next area. No one will blame you for that. Remember, you are playing for fun after all.

As we have already said, the visual side is remarkable. The design is really beautiful! It delights the eyes. The locations are sharp, vividly colored and full of details. These details are perfectly observable. Shadows, light and darkness are in the right places and make a great atmosphere. So, the graphics leaves a lasting impression. On the contrary, we have not much to say about the sound effects. There is a voice over in the form of narration by the main character. The music is suitable and takes place at the “back seats”.

In conclusion, let us return to the beginning of our trip. Here, the trip is a key word. Why do we call it the trip instead of a journey? The answer is simple. The entire game is extremely short. So, it may be compared to the little trip. If only it would last a bit longer! However, do not be upset! Who says the trip cannot be awesome?

20, March 2013



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