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Apparitions: Kotsmine Hills

Genre: Hidden Object

Play the new mysterious hidden object game Apparitions: Kotsmine Hills! Help Peter Wren from Paranormal Agency to investigate very strange story! Some years ago in Kotsmine Hills many citizens died in a mysterious fire and in snowstorm. Since then the ghosts appear every time! Try to collect all clues and play additional puzzles. You may download the exciting game Apparitions: Kotsmine Hills absolutely free right now and solve this old mystery! Good luck!

Title - Apparitions: Kotsmine Hills Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Try Apparitions: Kotsmine Hills, a Hidden Object game elaborated by IWin. Help Peter Wren from Paranormal Agency to investigate very strange story and solve this old mystery!
Apparitions: Kotsmine Hills game




Apparitions: Kotsmine Hills is a newly made hidden object game by IWin that has you wandering about a ghost town. In thirties, the town of Kotsmine Hills was destroyed, and then a great fire ravaged the town killing many townspeople. So, you are to take a role of a paranormal investigator, it’s your prime object to help the spirits crossover. .. Read more

The idea of this game is good, but the developers did not manage to bring Apparitions: Kotsmine Hills to perfection. On the one hand, the artwork is just okay adding much to the chilling atmosphere of the game. Its dark and gloomy illustrations make the title even more challenging to find items on the list. But on the other hand, it is too overloaded with the dark and gloomy scenes. If you have poor quality video equipment, the graphics will strain your eyes badly. Perhaps the developers think that eye strain will also contribute to the spooky atmosphere.

Due to obscure graphics you cannot avoid random clicks, which entail annoying sounds and sarcastic comments. This is really can get on somebody’s nerves the first time it happens. I wonder how you can avoid ill clicks when you cannot see anything. In this connection, IWin should institute prize for the penalties in Apparitions: Kotsmine Hills. It will be a real spin on hidden object genre, won’t it be? At least there is no timer and you have the option to skip mini-games.

Nevertheless, with a storyline as intriguing as Apparitions: Kotsmine Hills game has, it should have been a really outstanding issue. But it has become nothing more than a game of a great disappointment. We really apologies but cannot recommend this one at all. Still, if you want to test your long sight, it will serve you good. 

3, March 2010



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