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Bedtime Stories: The Lost Dreams

Genre: Hidden Object

Absolutist developers created new Hidden Object game we don't have to miss! Bedtime Stories: The Lost Dreams introduces you to the 4 members of one family and offers to go on the incredible journey through their past! There were made a lot of mistakes by them and now it's up to you to make everything right! More than 20 gorgeous scenes to explore, a ton of puzzles and task to perform along with 20 different challenging mini-game make Bedtime Stories: The Lost Dreams to be very expected game!

Title - Bedtime Stories: The Lost Dreams Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Here is Bedtime Stories: The Lost Dreams, a Hidden Object game published by Absolutist. Go to the one's family past and don't let them make mistakes.
Bedtime Stories: The Lost Dreams game
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What a nice entry gives us Bedtime Stories: The Lost Dreams, a new Hidden Object game from Absolutist! You step into the dreams of four different family members in order to correct things that happened long ago and make them all happy... Read more

But not only good entry grabbed our attention. We also fondly supposed that the developers, which launched their game products rather rare, would bring us something really worthy. Unfortunately, the principle “to talk little but say much” is absolutely unfamiliar for Absolutist. Having a promising overall story, Bedtime Stories: The Lost Dreams fails in its presentation. To crown it all, lots of running back and forth there make the gameplay fairly boring and uninteresting.

With two or three fun puzzles to solve,  Bedtime Stories: The Lost Dreams cannot hope for any praise. Its too generous hint system both in regular and expert mode leaves no chance for a player to try game challenge out. In-game dialogues do a lot of hand holding, so it is very easy to complete all these twenty scenes within two or three hours.

We have to admit though, the artwork is rather good and sophisticated but this cartoon style of the main scenes makes them rather lame and odd. Owing to fine artwork the hidden object scenes are nice to pierce but technically they are all used to. The music background is a lilting lullaby that you can easily ignore.   

This game is just the same as this case: you’ve chosen the reddest apple out of the basin, but it turned out to be the sourest one. Concluding our scathing review on Bedtime Stories: The Lost Dreams, we would like to add that life is too short and too precious and there are too many other engrossing games to waste your free time. Keep searching for a worthy one!

7, February 2012



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