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Bouncer's Journey

Genre: Arcade & Action

Help the balls escape the clutches of Roboto, the Evil Carnival Master, who has subjected them to a life of slavery in his traveling carnival! Help them escape by bouncing them through holes in the wall, earning extra points for firing through moving holes and completing each level quickly! Close the holes with as few balls as possible for maximum points. But hurry - as the timer counts down, the holes get smaller and the obstacles get tougher! Strategize your way through 30 blistering levels and bounce your way to freedom! It’s hard to be a ball, especially when you’re smart ball, able to move and act freely. Your heroes in Bouncer's Journey PC Game can swim, bounce and roll, and that’s why they are so attractive for the Roboto, the Evil Carnival Master! He is the owner of mechanical carnival, and he’s willing to collect all unnatural phenomenons under his tent. And you – balls are just perfect for him! So Roboto is trying to catch you, to put you into cages and to entertain people for money (his money, not yours!) until you will die in slavery! Download Bouncer's Journey game for PC for free, use holes to escape and protect your balls from difficult obstacles on your way to freedom!

Title - Bouncer's Journey Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Relish Bouncer's Journey, a Arcade & Action game offered by . Help the balls escape the clutches of Roboto, the Evil Carnival Master.




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