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Ciao Bella game

Ciao Bella

Who doesn’t have any difficulties? Of course everybody! Playing the game Ciao Bella you will be able to prepare to any difficult situations virtually. Try to help the main heroine Elena solve plenty of troubles and problems connected with her friends and relatives, but also remember about her personal life. Private life and career should not remain on back seats. Ciao Bella will train your personality and will teach you have time to do everything and not to lose anything!




If you like Sims you will definitely like a new game Ciao Bella from Oberon Media. It follows the life of a girl called Elena, who lives in Little Italy. The point of the game is to maintain her relationship with her boyfriend, Elio. .. Read more

In comparison with an endless Sims, this game is much shorter, since you have 13 weeks (or 13 levels) to win Elio’s heart.  The key to success in the game is keeping a balance between the five aspects of Elena’s life: health, culture, family, work and harmony. 

The game uses a common point-and-click interface. You can move Elena to one of the various locations in town (such as the mall, church, hospital, city hall, park and boutique) simply by clicking on it. Each location provides different activities for her to perform, or in some cases services or items to purchase. After a time you will sweep into the vortex of different events. Running all over the town, you have to serve your family and preparing for the date.

One of the downsides to relying on the gameplay is that it is not challenging in the later levels. No wonder, if some of you get bored with it and leave uncompleted. Thankfully, the characters and the plot itself are cute and place Ciao Bella in a good light. Humorous situations chill out busy atmosphere of the game. For sure, nice graphics style, original and amusing concept will attract attention.   


Minimal system requirements

OS: Windows 2000/XP/VISTA

CPU: 600MHz or faster Processor

RAM: 128 MB