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Colony Survival game

Colony Survival

Colony Survival is a base building and survival game made by two persons under the Pipliz moniker. The game is represented in the voxel-based and open-world form. The vast lands welcome players to explore them alone or in groups. As the title suggests, it's a colony simulator, and you're on a task to construct one with the help of the following character classes: farmers, slingers, and miners. As the game progresses, so does your colony meaning that you'll be able to open more job opportunities for new characters. The biggest threat in Colony Survival comes from hoards of unrelenting walking dead. You need to collect resources and unlock new materials such as iron and fuel (for instance, coal) to craft it. These materials come in handy to strengthen your base and make new kinds of weapons for guards. Several ways to make new items available for your colony are developing a scientific field and trading. Players in teams are likely to succeed faster for the gameplay in multiplayer mode favors a team-based approach.

Tags: Colony Sim, Survival, Base Building, Building, Multiplayer, Strategy, Sandbox, Open World, Early Access, Adventure, City Builder, Crafting, Zombies, Management, Action, Indie, Co-op, Voxel, Singleplayer, RTS



Minimal system requirements

OS: Windows Vista SP1 & newer, 64-bit

Processor: Intel Pentium G620 (2.5 Ghz dual core) or equivalent

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5000, 1280x720 display

DirectX: Version 11

Storage: 300 MB available space

Additional Notes: Work in progress: new features may raise the bar, optimizations may lower the bar