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Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty game

Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty

Genre: Hidden Object

The Beauty Queen herself asks you to save the town! Such an important task, isn't it? Help her majesty in new incredible Hidden Object game under the title Dark Dimension: Wax beauty! Explore the town and figure out who is responsible! Maybe it's the Queen's brother or his girlfriend? Catch the evil and don't let them realize their evil plans. Unravel all the secrets, find all the needed items and spend time solving challenging and tricky puzzles. Download Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty right now, enjoy this amazing game and reveal the terrifying truth! Best of luck!

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Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty is another creepy, haunted type Hidden Object puzzle that comes from Daily Magic Productions, reminding us tons of spooky modern games. This time around, the story is far from being original, exploits as usual the main human being negatives like jealousy, envy, guilt, selfishness and so.  .. Read more

In Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty you are to explore the town to reveal the truth behind the mystery, and the odd, sinister wax museum. Find piles of hidden items, solve puzzles and hidden object scenes, and do your best to avoid getting immortalized in wax. As you can see this is a classic hidden object puzzle adventure which is full of he same defects as many of these lately: a bit too many and repetitive hidden object scenes and mostly easy going puzzles. Although the scenes have plenty of color and are packed with interactive objects within them, they still look rather plain and not impressive.

There are two ordinary game modes (casual and advanced), but you will hardly ever play Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty more than a few hours. The music background is absolutely unremarkable but still there are some scary ambient sounds that added to the creep mood. The journal is kind of a joke as it keeps track of the storyline but not any clues or directions you find along the way and it always sparkles which irritatingly stands out against the dark scenery. 

So, if you want something really innovative or challenging then you might find Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty rather flat. But if you are a die-hard fan of drama and creepy scenes, you will probably like this.