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DinerTown Tycoon game

DinerTown Tycoon

You are the owner of a small restaurant network which is about to be destroyed by a brand new restaurant, Grub Burger. This restaurant has a secret which steals your customers. Specially designed “Ingredient X” sauce attracts people in huge quantities. In this time management game with some elements of strategy, you have to find a way how to compete with the rival, Grub Burger Restaurant. Serve the tastiest dinners in town and make your restaurant the most popular one. Lots of recipes, different customers’ types and plenty of things to take care of guarantee you a very entertaining pastime!



We would like to introduce to you DinerTown Tycoon game, produced by PlayFirst company. This game combines two genres in itself: strategy and time management. You are playing as a manager of a restaurant chain and your goal is to oust from the market your competitor, the Grab Burger restaurant... Read more

In this game you should feed a certain amount of people in a limited period of time. There are several types of customers with different food preferences in the game, and you should be prepared to make any dish they want. Of course in the beginning you have a very poor selection of dishes to serve, but it grows as you play and earn more money. As you become richer you can buy more restaurants or create new menus for the existing one. You also can advertise your restaurant on to attract more people.

We didn’t like the fact that there are some missions in the game which are impossible to complete. For example, sometimes you don’t have the right ingredients to serve a certain type of customers, cause you just can’t afford to buy this ingredients yet. It makes very difficult to come up with a plan of action for the whole game. You never know what the next day will bring.

In general DinerTown Tycoon looks a little bit raw concerning the gameplay and the graphics, but if you want to experience something new instead of original economic strategy, you can try it!