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Garden Dash game

Garden Dash

We are happy to gladden all the Time Management games lovers with our new game Garden Dash! Are you tired of the city bustle? Do you suffocate because of its stuffy heat and dust? The answer is evident! Then you are strongly recommended to get to the countryside and to busy yourself with gardening! So does Barb, the main character of Garden Dash game. She decides to change her boring office life for her long-standing hobby! Join Barb in her new everyday chores and make sure yourself, how absorbing it is! Download Garden Dash and get lots of delight absolutely for free!




Our old friend from the Dash series, Barb, finds herself pretty stressed out from exhausting Diner Dash business and decides to turn her hand to gardening to renew her strength. In Garden Dash, the freshest game from Play First, you should help the main heroine run on different garden shops and provide Diner Town with good products... Read more

Having an array of Dashes, of course, we doubt if Garden Dash differs from its predecessors or at least has anything interesting to see. Thankfully, this title feels very fresh in a dash game series and can be hardly ever compared to it. There you mustn’t earn cash to reach a level goal but rather must accomplish all custom’s orders within a short period of time. To our mind, this timer is too cruel but maybe true time management fans will really appreciate this fact.

Get ready to plan tomatoes, peaches, flowers, and then deliver them to your customers. To add some challenge to Garden Dash the developer makes each plan quite capricious. So, flowers like listening to classical music, while the cucumbers like to be talked. By the way, this game has a nice and very pleasing garden atmosphere. Fruit and vegetables look really mouthwatering and true to life. However, there are few features that have no practical use in this game. Some upgrades are never used throughout the gameplay but still you have to buy them all.

Overall, this title offers a very nice setting and few welcome twists. There are enough challenge to provide any player with good time management experience. Relax and forget about your daily routine diving into harmonious environment of green garden and colored plants!