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Soap Opera Dash

Genre: Time Management

Soap Opera Dash is a new challenging Time management game to be tested! Dive into the world of show business and help Rosie produce her own Soap Opera with Simon the Celebrity playing the main role! Choose the most talented actors, the most beautiful wardrobe and the most stylish makeup! Come up with some picturesque setting to make the most successful show the world has ever seen! Have a try at movie-making industry and discover your hidden talents of a brilliant director!Get ready for a mind-blowing drama in Soap Opera Dash, developed by famous PlayFirst!

Title - Soap Opera Dash Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Get delighted with Soap Opera Dash, a Time Management game built up by PlayFirst. Have a try at movie-making industry and discover your hidden talents of a brilliant director!
Soap Opera Dash game




Are you ready to be responsible for makeup, hair, wardrobe, scripts and even getting the cameraman working? If so, Soap Opera Dash, a new time management game from PlayFirst, is for you. Take on the role of Rosie and help her create her own soap opera... Read more

Today very few time management titles can boast of their intriguing plots, but Soap Opera Dash has a surprising complicated storyline that could be easy used for a script on its own. This game presents itself a good mixture of the usual dash play and some new interesting things. The traditional dash routine is spiced up by challenging mini-games and extraordinary customers. In fact, the developers bring a lot of entertaining features there which make this gameplay extremely vivid but atmosphere convincing.

Sadly, Soap Opera Dash has still some shortcomings that prevent it from being a great time management experience. Firstly, the game length is too short – an average player will be able to complete this title within an hour. Secondly, genre Veterans might find this experience too easy, but for newbies this game is almost ideal. There is everything what can make a newcomer to the genre fall in love with this series: challenging formula of the game, entertaining features, friendly game atmosphere. 

The graphics are clear and perfectly restore the usual show business environment. The music background is not very irritating there and even after several levels you still have nothing against this. Well, if you want to rest from ordinary time management installments, you should give Soap Opera Dash a try.   

16, December 2010



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