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Doctor Who: The Adventure Games - TARDIS game

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games - TARDIS

Once Doctor Who finds himself in space in the new Adventure game Doctor Who: The Adventure Games – TARDIS. But brave Amy saves him as soon as possible. Just as they come down, another problem strikes, sending Amy into future. Now the Doctor must travel to the future and save poor Amy. Do not lose your time but join the main hero on this exciting adventure to rescue Amy and defeat threatening creatures The Entity. Solve tricky puzzles and avoid traps that complicate your way. Download Doctor Who: The Adventure Games – TARDIS absolutely for free to make this exciting adventure!




In the third installment of the game Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Episode 3 – TARDIS, based on one of the popular BBC tv-series “Doctor Who” the developers Sumo Digital seem to have taken a huge step back and completely removed most of what gave the early games their appeal. The franchise’s core charm still remains intact, but feels like second-rate filler that can really only be recommended only to the most dedicated and true fans... Read more

But let’s first observe the pros that exist there despite of everything, that would allow those who are not fans of the series, to pay attention on Tardis and become interested in this game.

First off is the level of detail that has gone into the console room. Every switch that the Doctor pushes, pulls, flicks and fiddles with is animated and you can push, pull, flick and fiddle with them all too! Also is the level of detail in the explanation of everything.

Other things that I can whole heartedly commend is the improved selection of music. Horray for the inclusion of my favourite piece of music from the new series (the music used in the series trailer after episode one if you’re interested) as well as the theme from Victory of the Daleks.

This is fantastic for atmosphere. It really seems that with this episode, everything is in the details, the extended dialogue, the facts about just about everything, the fiddly mini-games and the beautiful rendering of the environments. So why do we still feel a little disappointed?

Well, graphic is not the best one. The mouse-controlled camera seems to be incredibly awkward this time when needing to look at something directly. At the end of the game, you have a minute to take control of the TARDIS in a timed sequence. While this wouldn’t normally be a problem, the time constraint highlights the inaccuracy in manoeuvring the camera to where you want it to be, creating a section that is far more frustrating than is intended. There’s no real consequence for failure, as you’ll simply try again from the start, but it’s a shame when the interface is the biggest obstacle to overcome.

All in all, like we said in the beginning, only true fans will be happy to put Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Episode 3 – TARDIS into their collection!