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Echoes of Sorrow game

Echoes of Sorrow

Genre: Hidden Object

The theme of amnesia and wandering through recollections seems to be one of the most popular with the games developers. This time Echoes of Sorrow is another Hidden Object puzzle for you! Imagine that you have lost your memory, and now you are followed by a mysterious dark shadow! Travel to your past through your subconsciousness and get to the bottom of things! If you are not tired of the storylines like this or you are not afraid to face spirits, download Echoes of Sorrow absolutely for free and penetrate into the underself!

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for Windows

This game is also available for : iPad & iPhone




You feel at a loss because you have no idea who you are and where you are. A mysterious dark shadow is standing behind your back, dimming your mind. Well, it is going to be quite a gloomy day as Echoes of Sorrow, a new hidden object game from BlitPop, starts out... Read more

There is no need to make a mysterious of the fact that this story is filled with sadness and gloomy features. It is not a totally new plot, though it is interesting enough to hold somebody’s interest to discover what will happen next. At first, it looks like a dry ordinary game with four locations to explore, but it is not at all. In Echoes of Sorrow you find yourself thrown into the story immediately, solving and unlocking different puzzle.

Hidden object scenes are not numerous there and surprisingly very easy, with just a dozen items to find, none of which resized or hidden in any weird way. The puzzles are very well executed, through they require more attentiveness than those hidden object scenes. The mini-games are pretty easy, but they are all can be skipped, and the hint button loads quite fast. As you can see this is not a difficult game but it might take about 4 hours to complete because its production values absorb you completely. You cannot but enjoy game’s artwork that perfectly creates spooky environment and music that conveys sombre feelings.

So, Echoes of Sorrow is an elegant game with nice twists and graphics details. There is a good adventure stem that never deviates from its principles. It can keep you quite busy for several thrilling hours, telling you an intriguing storyline while leading you through a dark world of mystery. Have a good play!