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Elementary My Dear Majesty! game

Elementary My Dear Majesty!

Genre: Hidden Object

The Kingdom is not a Kingdom if the King's daughter suddenly has turned into a man-eating monster, right? Take a role of a detective in the new exciting Hidden Object Adventure game Elementary My Dear Majesty and save the Princess! Travel around the Jungles, China and other fairytale lands, meet hilarious characters there, perform their tasks, solve different puzzles and unravel the secret of the curse! Stunning colorful graphics and great music match the whole action perfectly! Hurry up and download Elementary My Dear Majesty totally for free and enjoy!




Does anybody know why Hidden Object games are so popular? We love Hidden Object titles because they test important life skills, like the ability to pick out your favorite pair of socks lost two weeks ago in well cluttered room. It’s a perfect test to your eyes to see things that are actually right there in front of you... Read more

Elementary My Dear Majesty! is a new game that gives us a good lesson how to find things in piles of other things. Alawar Entertainment, the parent of this new Hidden Object title, combined there several gameplays: hidden object, adventure and physics-based puzzle. The developers took well-familiar fairy-tale plot (saving princes from evil curse), gave it modern view and packed into gorgeous and colorful 3D graphics.

Elementary My Dear Majesty offers 20 levels across 14 locations with over 100 puzzles to play through. Each location is presented in a wonderful 3D scenery that reminds us a pop-up book. The game is equipped with zooming feature so you can observe the scenes more carefully and rotate them to get a detailed look.

The new game is notable for its creative approach to the puzzles. Once you must gather watermelons to make watermelon juice to feed up your spaceship, but later you must throw sheep   and much more bizarre tasks.     

Although it looks like a kid game, it is not so easy. There are enough interesting things to see in this title. You will surely fall in love with its unique style that keeps its originality until the end. It’s certainly a nice change from the dark, spooky and haunted games lately. Enjoy!