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Emerald City Confidential game

Emerald City Confidential

Genre: Hidden Object

The magical land of Oz has never seemed so gritty! Petra is the only private detective in this reimagining of the Emerald City, so it is up to her to find Dee Gale’s missing fiancé. Dive deep into the seedy underbelly of the criminal underground, and track down the kidnappers, as well as learn a few secrets about Petra! This sprawling Adventure game pulls out all the stops!



The Emerald City Confidential game produced by PlayFirst company is point-and-click game with the familiar people and places of mythical land Oz but with unique story and main heroine Petra. Your task is to talk to people to figure out what to do next, pick up items and use them to solve puzzles, and explore the Emerald City! .. Read more

This game contains an interactive map that allows you to move quickly between the different locations. The graphics is beautiful and colorfully rich, the music is nice as well, and it fits the environments just fine. We appreciated the gameplay - it is charming, smart, and funny, especially the dialogues and the way they’re voice-acted.

Puzzles become more challenging as the game progresses, they require listening to the dialogues, using inventory items, and figuring out how to manage some Ozian magic, but one puzzle requires distinguishing colors, though this could also be solved by trial and error.

The Emerald City Confidential will be perfect for those who is green in the adventure games, as it uses a traditional point-and-click interface and contains an effective hint system and brief tutorial!