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Farm Tribe 2

Genre: Time Management

Discover new excellent and entertaining Time Management game under the title Farm Tribe 2! Meet Annie and help her restore the old house and prepare it for her upcoming wedding! You have to return the old farm to its prosperous state and earn as much money as you can! Hire laborious people, build a farmyard and a lot more. Dive into the amazing world of farming and enjoy gameplay and unique storyline. Download Farm Tribe 2 absolutely for free and spend your free time with this amazing game!

Title - Farm Tribe 2 Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Take a look at Farm Tribe 2, a Time Management game produced by NevoSoft. Restore the old farm and build a house for the wedding!
Farm Tribe 2 game
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Farm Tribe 2 game

Farm Tribe 2

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Have you ever caught yourself playing certain games all night and not even noticing that the new day has come? Have you ever been so taken in by a game’s world that you kind of forgot the world you are living in? If you had never had such a great time playing a game like this, you will be positively surprised when we present you one of the newest and the most popular games from NevoSoft developing team called Farm Tribe 2. If you want to experience all the riches that land has to offer and to enjoy in an adventure that will satisfy all your gaming needs, then join us in this game!.. Read more

Farm Tribe 2 is a Time Management game which has a very nice storyline: Annie, the daughter from the first part of this game, is now married to Paul, and her father Mark leaves them an old and ruined mansion in which they could live, of course, if they manage to restore it to its original state. Your father, Mark, employs three workers to help you start repairing the old mansion, as he has to leave and travel somewhere. It is up to you to secure this newly wedded couple a place to live and start a family!

Graphics and music in this great single player game are absolutely astonishing! The graphics are stunning, the pictures and scenes are all drawn by hand, they are rich in colors, we can see a lot of animations, a lot of movement, and all the characters are represented totally cute. There is no lagging; everything is bright and clear, precise and detailed. The music also separates this game from other mediocre titles, it is inspirational, at times very interesting to listen to, and the sound effects are not at all boring and can only boost you competitive spirit! Prepare to experience the audio and visual heaven!

But what everybody looks for in this genre of games is the gameplay! If anything will make you switch from downloading Farm Tribe 2 and playing the free trial version into the purchased full version, it is the way this game is played and what it has to offer in this sense. First of all, there are no timers, so you can relax and play this game the best way possible, without worrying about time conditions. You will be able the plan your every move carefully which is very important as all the actions are needed in certain order to pass the level and progress in the game. Unlike in other Time Management games, in this one, you won’t be asked to do something and then wait for minutes for the task to be finished, but here you will be simultaneously busy doing different tasks. Although your workers are very autonomous, you will be able to send them to work somewhere, to build something or to grow various crops, to restore your mansion, to research things, to craft recipes, to clear trash etc. This all will be done as to progress in game by completing task and for unlocking the achievements. Always be prepared for a lot of clicking, as this game requires it. You don’t have to worry that it will be very hard, as it isn’t.

All in all, Farm Tribe 2 is a great Time Management game which will keep you occupied for hours and hours, and it will provide you with lots of fun thanks to its stunning graphics and inspiring music, interesting and motivating storyline and immersive and spontaneous gameplay. Of course, enjoy in this game and let your friends know about it!

23, November 2012


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