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Fierce Tales: Feline Sight Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

Another innovative tale from Blam!, creators of Fierce Tales: A Dog's Heart and Fierce Tales: Marcus' Memory. A series of mysterious snow-leopard attacks has Snowville in a panic! As the town’s best veterinarian and feline expert, it’s up to you to find out why they’ve left their forest reserve and come after humans. But things get personal when your own housecats suddenly decide to run off with the leopards. Can you find out who is controlling the leopards and get back your pets? The cat’s out of the bag in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Title - Fierce Tales: Feline Sight Collector's Edition Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Relish Fierce Tales: Feline Sight Collector's Edition, a Hidden Object game originated by Big Fish Games. Can you find out who is controlling the leopards and get back your pets?
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Developers from Blam!Games surprised us again with a truly innovative and entertaining pc/mac game. Fierce Tales: Feline Sight opens you the door to the world of magical creatures, wild animals, mysteries and intrigues, and now we are going to review it... Read more

This is a part of the game series Fierce Tales and it’s probably the best one with the best quality. The storyline reminds of the previous games. The city of Snowville is attacked by snow-leopards, meanwhile the domestic cats go missing one by one. What if these events are connected somehow? You get to figure out who is controlling the leopards, stop the wild animals, rescue all cats and return them back home.

The animal factor in this top game is managed very well, leopards and kittens look cute and realistic. Graphics are beautiful and bright, though the location and hidden object scenes are a little bit dark sometimes. But the variety of those locations to explore is huge, every single one of them is filled with details to look for. Characters are animated in the best way, the game has amazing and mesmerizing visual effects and cool soundtrack. Music is not distracting and you don’t feel the need to turn it off.

The hidden object scenes in this game are highly interactive, the puzzles are challenging and mini-games keep you entertained as well. Here you can find the custom difficulty mode and play without hurry. Also you can find a very useful and handy map that will help you through the locations. And remember there’s a hint for anytime you get stuck in the game.

Even though the top game Fierce Tales: Feline Sight doesn’t have any originality it’s still satisfying enough and will please all the lovers of good pc games downloads. Play it for free and you will not regret it.

17, April 2015


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