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Fierce Tales: The Dog's Heart Collector's Edition game

Fierce Tales: The Dog's Heart Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

Some scary dogs attacked the city of Houndspoint! Save the town and figure out who is responsible for all of this in new incredible and exciting edition of Hidden Object game Fierce Tales: The Dog's Heart! Your dog Pippa was kidnapped by the strangers, so find and rescue him before it's too late. Stop the villains, make sure they will be caught and won't cause more troubles. Explore fantastic locations, solve mind-blowing puzzles and return to the city its quiet state. Download Fierce Tales: The Dog's Heart absolutely for free, spend your time with this great game!

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To all gamers who love playing good Hidden Objects games and to all of those who are dog persons, here comes a brand new and exciting Hidden Object/Puzzle/Adventure game called Fierce Tales: The Dog’s Heart from a well-known developer named Big Fish Games, who made many great Hidden Object games. In this review, you will discover what this game has to offer and if it is as good as other Big Fish games. So, get ready for a new adventure with hidden objects and puzzles!.. Read more

Just like in other Hidden Object games, the story begins by somebody being kidnapped by mysterious forces. But unlike other games, you will not fall into a pile of clichés, it is not a princess, or a child, or a girlfriend that is being kidnapped, but it is a puppy! The storyline is so original that it instantly says that this game is going to be unique, and it goes like this: You are a dog person, living in a city filled with other dog enthusiasts called Houndspoint, when all of a sudden your favorite puppy is kidnapped, or should we say dognapped? However, you must start your own investigation if you are to find out who is behind the disappearance of your puppy and all other mysterious happenings in the city, like pack of dogs attacking citizens etc. and it won’t be an easy mission! Of course, this interesting and unique storyline has been put together with great gameplay in order to create a great Hidden Object game. The gameplay in Fierce Tales: The Dog’s Heart is based on the point-and-click technique, which implements a changing cursor, depending on the area you’re selecting, and of course the majority of the game time you will spend finding hidden objects and searching for quest items. Every once and while a puzzle will appear, but they are all pretty standard: swapping tiles, untying a knot, jigsaw puzzles etc. You can always skip a puzzle if you get stuck or you can use hints in hidden object scenes. There are three difficulty levels, and while they regulate the hint and skip button refill time, map and journal are always there for you to help you find your way. The gameplay length is just great, as this game lasts for about five hours of play. There is, however, a minor problem with gameplay, concerning the responsiveness of the pointer, because it sometimes doesn’t recognize the exact place you clicked on.

Some other great features of this game that you will most certainly experience if you download the free trial version, or if you purchase the full version, are graphics and music. The graphics greatness is reflected in stunning background visuals that are crisp and vivid, often bathed in different tones of blue and brown, adding up to the sunset or evening setting in the game. Human characters are a kind of a sore spot in this game, as they are unrealistic and sometimes don’t fit the scene, but at least animal models are great and believable. The game is full of smooth and quality animations, and incredible cutscenes make the player understand the story better.

The music of this game isn’t so awesome, but you cannot actually say that something is wrong with it. The sound effects are not annoying, and the background music is fairly okay. If you decide to trust this review and you download and play this game, you might even find yourself humming the background music, as it is somehow catchy.

Overall, this Hidden Object/Puzzle/Adventure game called Fierce Tales: The Dog’s Heart isn’t just made for dog persons. It is a really delightful hidden object game that has a very original premise and has a lot of good quality hidden object scenes and puzzles to offer. In spite of some minor flaws in this game, graphics is good and music is okay, and you will have a lot of fun for just enough time, no matter if you download the trial version, or purchase and play the full version. Anyway, this must be one of the best Big Fish games and it is worth trying and playing!