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Final Cut: The True Escapade game

Final Cut: The True Escapade

Genre: Hidden Object

Your brother is directing a revival of a long abandoned project. A brilliant, one can say fabled, masterpiece that wrecked many careers, “The True Escapade”. With you assisting him and your fiancé playing the villain in the movie, its success is assured. But an accident on a scene makes your fiancé a prime suspect for murder and in the hands of a shadowy kidnaper with strange motives. Suddenly you are thrust in the spotlight in a murder mystery of your life.




Free hidden object games series Final Cut made by Eipix Entertainment is one of our favorite for many reasons. In the 4th installment called The True Escapade the developers finally decided to drift away from the old storyline about Morton Wolfe and try something new. The hooking storyline gets you from the start of the game and doesn’t let go till the very end. Let’s take a closer look at this epic detective game for computers... Read more

As we said above the storyline is very exciting and complex. A big number of the featured characters spices up the story, they make the game even more intriguing. Plus they are voiced just perfectly and drawn very nice though some of them look like the characters from previous games. In terms of production The True Escapade is beyond amazing. There’s a lot of retro styled graphics, truly unique artwork and every single scene looks stunning, clear and bright. Music is excellent as well, the variety of tracks is impressive. All voice overs are done very professionally. The studio spend a lot of time and money on the production, basically an Oscar worthy game.

After the great production comes a slightly disappointing gameplay. To be honest it was boring, and didn’t motivate us to continue playing. What annoyed us most was the low level of challenge. Looks like this pc game was mostly made for beginners and not for those who were fans of the series from the very first installment. The majority of tasks was so easy we could finish everything just within seconds. Gladly almost all puzzles and mini-games are at least innovative. Hidden object scenes are far from difficult as well, but at least they are interactive. The only cool thing about the gameplay is the Film Viewer tool which helps spot the difference in the film.

A movie themed game for computers and mobile devices is a rare thing, so we are thankful for Final Cut: The True Escapade. Download the free game on pc, perhaps its easy gameplay won’t disappoint you at all and you will add this game to your personal list of favorite games.