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Funny Miners

Play new fairy-tale time management game Funny Miners! Travel to magic Land of Gnomes, where you meet funny gnomes, who need your help! They need the wise ruler, who will manage the gnomes-miners to collect all precious gems and to find the Magic Diamond! Overcome all obstacles on your way to riches! Earn the bonuses and make the unique upgrades! Download for free new addictive game Funny Miners and enjoy funny characters and gorgeous graphics! Have a good time!

Title - Funny Miners Game Download for PC Description - Obtain Funny Miners, a Strategy & Simulation game launched by Nevosoft. Overcome all obstacles on your way to riches!
Funny Miners game




Funny Miners by Nevosoft is a nice time management game, if you are in elementary school. Well… we can argue with this statement too. It plays slow and does not engage us at all. To crown it all, it lacks the ability use your mind. Everything you need is just clicking, clicking and clicking. No matter how fast you click, gold goal seems practically impossible to get. Seriously, this game will cost you a mouse!.. Read more

It seems this game was made two centuries ago as it sure is fairly basic by today’s standards. According to the plot, you adopt gnomes entering a mine for gems, you should feed them, treat them if they get sick. So there are the houses for these little creatures, a hospital and a shop to fix their broken tools. Find nothing special? You are absolutely right. Funny Miners is not only very little in entertaining way but extremely boring and annoying.

These gnomes are far from being pretty, they are absolutely trite. The little folk are always hungry or sick. Their walking is as slow as a snail, so you are really just clicking all game long, trying to get someone to go somewhere. Ooh! Finally you get your creature on his way to the home but suddenly he decides to have some meal. So, all your forces were in vain.

Surprisingly, there are no any tutorials. You have to figure it out for yourself: where to go, what to do next, how to fix your tool. Have you no mind how to do this? It seems the developers decide that it is your problem. The graphics are very juvenile but do you know a kid having the patience? Too difficult and frustrating for them. Too silly and boring for adults.

25, June 2010



Beyond the Kingdom

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