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Planet Explorers game

Planet Explorers

Developers from Pathea Games started an ambitious project they called Planet Explorers awhile ago. Their goal was to come up with groundbreaking survival mechanics and non-linear gameplay. As a result, they released open-world crafting sandbox game with the renewed voxel-based calculating system. This system makes it possible to terraform the planet and create any type of weapon and vehicle you want in the Creations Editor. The game plot depicts colonists and their failed attempt to land on a distant planet named Maria. Those who managed to leave a dropship in escape pods were straggled across the planet. You're one of them and have to survive in an unexplored alien environment. Various biomes are rich in wildlife. You can tame some of it and get yourself a loyal companion in battles and everyday life. Battles are not obligatory. You can use a diplomatic approach and negotiate with local intelligent species instead of fighting them. The game has a day and night cycle and dynamic weather system. The singleplayer has 3 modes: Story (the main campaign), Adventure (procedural map with random missions), and Build (no enemies, plenty of supplies). The multiplayer feature was implemented but the source code got lost and developers decided to wipe off multiplayer altogether and make Planet Explorers free to play.

Tags: Sandbox, Open World Survival Craft, Open World, Survival, Adventure, Crafting, Multiplayer, RPG, Exploration, Building, Sci-fi, Indie, Action, Co-op, Simulation, Early Access, Voxel, Singleplayer, Third Person, Action RPG



Minimal system requirements

OS: Win 7 64bit

Processor: i3+

Memory: 6 GB RAM

Graphics: GTX 460+ HD 5770+

DirectX: Version 10

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Storage: 6 GB available space

Additional Notes: Must have OpenCL compatible CPU or GPU (DX10.1) 32bit can run, but will experience some memory crashes on higher qualities