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Gemini Lost

One day a group of tourists were roaming around the countryside and discovered a suspicious portal in the woods. Unexpectedly, this portal transported the whole group to another dimension. Now the only way to survive for them is to settle a new civilization, cause the portal only works one way. Help poor tourist to organize their new society and become their leader. Enjoy funny puzzles and mini-games of Gemini Lost strategy game!

Title - Gemini Lost Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Don't miss Gemini Lost, a Strategy & Simulation game released by PlayFirst. Help poor tourist to organize their new society and become their leader!
Gemini Lost game

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Let us familiarize you with one of the successful game from PlayFirst - Gemini Lost. This simulation game takes after Virtual Villagers, which puts you in charge of tiny folk. So adaptation to the game takes just a few seconds because its mechanics are very close to Virtual Villagers... Read more

Though Gemini Lost borrows liberally from another well-known game, the zodiac theme is absolute new. According to the plot you have to save your people and bring them back to Earth. The clue to coming back is the Astrology signs, but you must work hard to get all of them.

At first sight the goal sounds quite easy but strategy has no small part in the game’s success. All characters there have different preferences. If you mind this fact, it will help you to organize the society more efficiently. Do not forget that people age and will eventually die. So you should keep eyes on your wards since they need food, they can get sick, moreover, they need the right partner to get married and be happy. In fact it is very important to pick the right partner because good alliance gives descendants. Actually, children cannot work, but they can enlarge population.

Gemini Lost can be proud of its artwork, which is really terrific and colorful. It is notable for character animations and plenty of bright vivid colors. The music background adds much to the pleasant game atmosphere. The navigation is comfortable, just click on the map to see where everything is located. To go to the hero you can click on a villager’s profile. Unfortunately, the tutorial part is inflexible, and won’t let you skip it if you catch the idea. Still you can skip the whole tutorial, if you want.

Overall, Gemini Lost is a perfect game to play if you want to kill time, and don’t mind a slower pace. You will be pleased by flourishing sceneries that are much superior to many related titles out there. Be careful! As you play the game gets more and more addictive and might keep you coming back until the job is done. Have fun! 



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