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Ghost in the Sheet

Ghost in the Sheet is a challenging point-and-click adventure. It is about one poor fellow who gets killed by a bus, but his soul doesn’t go to heaven as it is supposed. After a small investigation our hero finds out that some strange power keeps souls from reaching the afterlife. Return through a pan-dimensional portal to the land of the living and uncover the secret of Ghost in the Sheet. We hope you'll enjoy it!

Title - Ghost in the Sheet Game Download for PC Description - Revel in Ghost in the Sheet, a Arcade & Action game elaborated by Cardboard Box Entertainment. Return to the land of the living and uncover the secret of Ghost in the Sheet!
Ghost in the Sheet game
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Ghost in the Sheet is an adventure game that adds some new twists to this popular genre. Here you actually can’t pick up and carry objects, cause you are playing as a ghost. Your spirit has stuck between life and afterlife and you’d better find out what is going on until you are left in this condition forever... Read more

The game was developed by Cardboard Box Entertainment Company, which has realized a whole bunch of new ideas within the limits of the genre. First of all, you don’t have an inventory. Sometimes items that need to be used to solve a puzzle are placed in the same screen as the puzzle you need to use them on, but not always. Other times you will have to use your special supernatural powers to interact with the environment. You’ll start the game with telekinesis and as you move through the levels you’ll earn more powers like the ability to push items, generate surges of electricity and many others.

The game offers you an extremely captivating gameplay and good production values. We had some problems playing mini-games, but luckily, you can skip those games without penalty by simply hitting the Backspace key. Most of the dialogs you’ll have to listen are quite entertaining, and the voice acting is perfect.

On the whole, Ghost in the Sheet has all the features that guarantee you the best gaming experience. Don’t miss it!

16, September 2009


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