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Goddess Chronicles

Genre: Hidden Object

How about turning into a powerful goddess? In Goddes Chronicles you play the role of Adonia who has to cope with lots of tricky challenges to get absolute immortality! Go on a breath-taking journey that starts on the Olympus, home of all gods! Search carefully all the ancient and exotic scenes to find the hidden artifacts and become a winner! Download Goddes Chronicles for free and have a great time playing this addictive Hidden Object game!

Title - Goddess Chronicles Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Immerse yourself in Goddess Chronicles, a Hidden Object game elaborated by Gamers Digital. Go on a breath-taking journey that starts on the Olympus, home of all gods!
Goddess Chronicles game
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Goddess Chronicles is a fresh hidden object game with a surprisingly interesting storyline from Gamers Digital. It has you playing as a beginner Greek goddess, who is on his way to earn immortality. Surely, you cannot get it free, but overcome a row of hindrances... Read more

Get ready to travel around the globe, looking for fragments of artifacts and collecting them all. The plot is far from being unique but the gameplay itself is really differ from usual hidden object game. Rather than being given a usual shop-list of hidden items, you have to think about what you need to find. It makes the play much more challenging, of course, but can bewilder you more than once. Luckily, there is no running back and forth among locations. Goddess Chronicles looks very easy, at first, but with each level it becomes more and more complex.

The puzzle part of this title is not the strongest one. Most of the tasks are pretty easy requiring no special skills but carefulness. However, there are two or three puzzles that worth the effort of playing the entire game. The title is quite severe: you can be penalized for 3 missing clicks in a row.  So, Goddess Chronicles won’t be approved by a very sensitive players, who seldom care for their clicks.

The artwork of this title is a point at issue. The graphics are unusual, looking like something from a comic book or cartoon. If you are not keen on hand-drawn scenes, this could hardly win your heart.  Still, if you are quite tolerant towards such graphics, this title has a good chance to make you fall in love with it. Give it a try!

24, September 2010


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