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Hamlet game


Do you want to take part in one of Shakespeare's most famous drama – Hamlet? Take a chance to change all events in new strategy game Hamlet! You will travel in time and fulfill the interesting tasks! Your main aim is to save Hamlet's girlfriend, Ophelia, from the clutches of the evil Claudius. You may download free the exciting game Hamlet and solve many clever puzzles and enjoy quirky character art and unconventional storytelling! Have a good time!

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Hamlet is the title of the new point-and-click game by Alawar Entertainment that certainly reminds us Shakespeare’s masterpiece of the same name. Despite this featured title the premise has nothing to do with classic work except for taking a few character names. So, if you hope to fill a gap in your knowledge of Literature, it will render you no assistance... Read more

Without revealing much of the storyline, you are to travel back in time and help Hamlet save his beloved from annoying admirer Claudius. According to the genre you have to scan different scenes and click on items in order to crack ticklish puzzles. In contrast to similar titles stuck to intuitive gameplay, Hamlet provides its players with generous hint system that unlocks a clue after you have explored the scene for several minutes.   

Get ready to solve a wide variety of tests on your journey: logic puzzles, quest exercises and there are also a few which will let you check out your reflexes. Actually, this is a weird and very cute game featuring a creature with sausage-body, funny monsters, and a metalhead, Claudius. As you see the developers have a good sense of humor and they try to give a groundbreaking interpretation of the illustrious tragedy. Hamlet offers you a streamlined gameplay with no inventory puzzles, tedious menus, or options. You will probably be discouraged by this ridiculous simplicity and the ease with which you are allowed to go in and out of the game. Honestly, this very simplicity of the gameplay is its real gem. Bravo!