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Heaven & Hell game

Heaven & Hell

Genre: PuzzleMatch-3

Angelo the angel never wanted to work, he was always busy with his personal things instead. But somehow he got punished for doing nothing and now he has to find all the stolen artifacts! Help poor creature in new addictive and amazing Match-3 game under the title Heaven & Hell! Enjoy addicting gameplay, solve puzzles and play challenging mini- games. Angelo and let him earn trust of God again. Download Heaven &Hell right now for free, add this game to your collection!





There was once a game under the title Heaven & Hell, which we really liked. So, when we saw the new game from Iplay with the same title, we immediately decided to check it out. Jumping ahead, it was a big mistake... Read more

First of all, it should be noted that, in contrast to its predecessor, the new version of Heaven & Hell is a Match 3 game with pretty mediocre graphics. The puzzles are simple and monotonous, there are no time limits, and the game board is quite large, so you will have to kill a bunch of time performing the same actions over and over again, until you manage to clear all the tiles. We would call such gameplay relaxing and meditative, but the game’s storyline, graphics and background music do not in the slightest degree meet this definition.

First, let’s talk about the graphics. As we said above, it does not match the sluggish gameplay, but that’s not the only problem. Have you ever played nonprofit browser games with awkward backgrounds that look as if they were drawn with Microsoft Paint? If so, imagine the same thing, only on the theme of hell and heaven at later levels, and you will get quite accurate representation of how Heaven & Hell looks like. Well, if the game had a cool gameplay, we would have taken such primitiveness as a specific author’s style, but the problem is that the gameplay is even worse than the game’s visuals.

In addition, there are plenty of bonuses, but they are of little avail. Given the size of the game board, the explosion of nine cells adjacent to the bomb is hardly noticeable. Needless to say that the cross shot, which destroys just one vertical column and one horizontal row of tiles, is absolutely useless. Moreover, there is a system of rewards, but the trophies are given too generously, so already in the first stage you will be able to get four of them. As a result, despite the rather interesting idea and exciting thematic, the game proved to be absolutely lean and tasteless.

Finally, there is disgusting background music that, literally, caused us headaches. To tell the truth, we gave up after just an hour of play, as we simply could not take it any longer. Even if you adore Match 3 games, we do not recommend you to play Heaven & Hell, because today there is a plethora of far more enjoyable installments, for example Safari Quest. Good luck!