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Heroes of Kalevala game

Heroes of Kalevala

Genre: PuzzleMatch-3

«Heroes of Kalevala» is a combination of match-3 and building sim.The story of Heroes of Kalevala originates from the Kalevala Finnish poetry. A great drought left your people frustrated and their lands ravaged. You go to a shaman to ask him for help.The shaman tells you to leave your world and move to the land of Kalevala, where you must build up a village and give your people peace and happiness. When you come to Kalevala you start building your own settlement via a range of match-3 games! Enjoy a gripping gameplay, innovated powerups, stunning graphics and much more in this challenging and tricky game! Download «Heroes of Kalevala» right now absolutely for free!




Have you ever thought that building business can be not only profitable but interesting? Myth People, the developers of of a new match-3 casual game, Heroes of Kalevala, are absolute sure that they offer an extremely addictive play. Well, we are not going to deny this statement but we just carefully analyze this premise. Let’s go!.. Read more

You have to make matches on very busy layouts by swapping tiles, and play mini-games in order to build up your village. There are a variety of hindrances, and the gameplay is much deeper than it appears on the surface, with some inventive features. Do you feel this stylistic resemblance with Cradle of Rome? Yes, we do. However, this fact does not spoil the impression of Heroes of Kalevala at all.

This time the developers managed to create a solid game, though this installment is one of many match-3 titles. This is a case when classical match-game is framed with a good production value.  All levels are clear, however, you can have some troubles through these challenging sections. If you fear that it may become quite difficult long before the 100th level. Some upper levels is usually easier then the lower ones.   

It really nice that Heroes of Kalevala looks and sounds wonderful. Crisp playing tiles slide along the grid, with charming hand-drawn backdrops that are very pleasing on the eyes. The music is pleasing too, although it does start to irritate a little bit after you are heard it for an hour or two. All in all, there is plenty to keep you busy and entertaining. Have fun!