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Hidden Mysteries: Return to Titanic game

Hidden Mysteries: Return to Titanic

Genre: Hidden Object

A bunch of unsolved mysteries and uncovered secrets wait for you in new exciting and fantastic game under the title Hidden Mysteries: Return to Titanic! Return to the board of the world-famous ship, catch the spy and stop him before it's too late. Set yourself free, release liner passengers' souls and most importantly, find out why you are the one who has to get through this! Download Hidden Mysteries: Return to Titanic totally for free right now, solve all puzzles and put everything to its place! Good luck!




Hidden Mysteries: Return to Titanic is given us by Game Mill Entertainment in honor of the 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic. Although the Titanic theme has been milked by many game developers, very few of them managed to make something really worthy. So, what about this title? .. Read more

The story, in fact, has no similarities with the world-famous film version by James Cameron’s. In Hidden Mysteries: Return to Titanic, you must not only escape from this watery tomb but free the souls trapped there one hundred years ago.   

The gameplay offers you two usual modes: easy and hard. If you are an avid Hidden Object player, you’d better play the second mode as there is much more challenge. Click penalties, slow reloading hint buttons and other obstacles are waiting for you there. However, if you just begin your Hidden Object carrier, you can play an easy mode, where nothing will disturb you from enjoying its stunning graphics.

Solving these clever puzzles often involves traveling between different parts of the ship via a map. Fortunately, the in-game map is well-thought and always show where you are and where there are tasks to be performed. There is one but very interesting twist – you can travel from past to present through a portal and manipulate objects to use them in other time. The Hidden Object scenes are far from being ideal but still rather playable and sometimes even really hard.

We wish Hidden Mysteries: Return to Titanic had voice-overs, however, this fact doesn’t prevent from enjoying this installment. Clear artwork and highly compelling storyline will surely amuse you for several hours. This is a highly recommended game!