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Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets

Genre: Hidden Object

Can an ordinary vacation turn into a mysterious adventure? Surely, it can. Claire Donnelly, the protagonist of a new hidden object game under the title Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets, knows what force majeure feels like. Searching for solitude, she sets off to Georgia but suddenly the girl starts having strange and awful visions. Day by day these visions become more and more vivid revealing the terrible secrets of the town. So, Clair has no choice but to clear up all towns secrets in order to get rid of these bizarre visions. Download this spooky hidden object adventure titled Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets for free to uncover the great mystery of this still town!

Title - Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Set about Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets, a Hidden Object game elaborated by Gunnar Games. Clear up all towns secrets in order to get rid of these bizarre visions!
Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets game
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If you need help in solving a certain puzzle or finding a quest item, you can download for free our strategy guide for Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets. Get a detailed walkthrough on how to complete all levels without missing a single secret option of the game absolutelly for free!




According to the vivid description that everyone can read at the top of this page, a new hidden object game under the title Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets promises to be very exciting. But we were not born yesterday and no song of praise is able to win us. We are going to believe only our own eyes... Read more

After a few hours of playing, we came to the conclusion that the description to Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets turned out to be quite faithful, presenting us the title in all its glory. We should admit that the mixture of hidden object and adventure elements is very successful there. The first hidden object scene of the game was laid in a very dark background, so we thought it would be practically impossible to figure out any items without using the hints. Luckily, most of hidden items are accurate and clear, even if a few of them are too tiny. Still, all objects have the proper size, so you always have a chance to find out one or another thing.

Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets is packed with a variety of mini-games and other intriguing auxiliary puzzles. All tasks are well imbedded into the game putting to the test your logical skills. The title is one of the relaxing installments that have no timer and no punishments for random clicks. But it does not mean at all that the game as easy as a pie, on the contrary its challenging tasks will perplex you more than once. If you are stuck with this or that task, you can easily use in-game tips. To make gameplay more challenging, the developers decided to give players only directions he should go instead of simply having the game tell what to do next.

All in all, the voice acting and music background is nice and won’t tack you off much. You need not turn off voice and enjoy surprisingly pleasant music. Have fun!

20, July 2010


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