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Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets game

Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets

Genre: Hidden Object

Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets is a Hidden Object game, where you have to help Constable Hawthorne in his complicated investigation. Hearsays, gossips, sorcery and magic... Everything is entangled in this intricate story. Four girls are blamed, that they are affected by some evil forces. These forces are promoted by the practitioners of Witchcraft. Now the girls are thought to be damned and undergo malicious attacks of the locals. Join Constable Hawthorne in this thrilling mixture of the Hidden Object, Puzzle and Adventure game. Download Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets for free and reveal the truth!




If you one of those players who believe that dark colors add to the hidden object game atmosphere, Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets by Game Mill Entertainment is made especially for you... Read more

This is another spooky storyline crowded with mysteries, secrets, evil-doers, etc. On the one hand, we deal with the usual hidden object title, which we deal with practically every day. But on the other, two sibling games can be absolutely differ in quality. Luckily, today we are scrutinizing one of the best hidden object adventure - Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets. Starting a creepy plot is always hard for the developers because it is in the first few sentences that they establish the tone, pace and mood of the entire installment. We must admit that this plot is done well, compelling without being overloaded with trite dialogues. The storyline inspires further investigation. 

The gameplay also surprises us with its good challenge portion. Hidden object areas are numerous there which are all interesting to explore, though not too difficult. Dark and gray colors make the scenes a bit difficult to polish, however, no scenes can hurt your eyesight. There are about a dozen puzzles, very nicely done. They can be complex sometimes but without being bewildering. Anyway, skip button is available here. What really deserves to be mentioned is the fact that the puzzles for the most part not only fit the story but closely connected with each other so you use information from one puzzle to help solve a later one.

Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets is full of thrilling hidden object scenes that can easily provide you with 9 hour gameplay. In spite of gloomy colors, the graphics are nice to watch. The music is a little bit bleak but it is not irritating at all. Good game!