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Hotel game


The famous detective Bridget Brightstone gets down investigating new case in the new adventure game Hotel! Now you should help the detective to clear up the great mystery of the Bellevue Hotel! You should find the mysterious powerful artifacts and conquer the evil, which rose from the grave to win the world! Take a chance to download free new exciting game Hotel! Enjoy incredible adventures, interesting storyline and excellent graphic! Have a good time!





The hidden object game under the laconic title “Hotel” is a fresh premise of Cateia Games. The plot is based on the rather intriguing story of quasi-religious mystical order defending the world from evil doers. If you are a fan of such sensational bestseller as Code Da Vinci and other similar works, you will be impressed by this title too... Read more

The game starts with a movie that you are obliged to see as there is no skip option. The fans will appreciate this introduction but those who are impatient by nature will be disappointed by this fact. For the newbie of the genre there is a tutorial at the beginning of the game to show you how to navigate in the game and use your inventory. If you like playing adventure games by the traditional rule of thumb, look at and investigate everything you can play that way by just choosing not to click on the hint button. 

The puzzles are good, not numerous and not too hard but they are satisfying to crack. It would be better to see there more puzzles and mini-games to balance out all of the time spend on the cut scenes. “Hotel” would be absolute fine if the developers put some help only for those who really cry for it. It is very frustrating when the game made you see and try all its tutorials without a chance to skip them. The game is overloaded with the dialogues and “Hotel” looks rather like a video film diluted with random puzzles. But the graphics of this film are not totally top of the line as you would expect them to be for a hidden object game like this. Moreover, the title often suffers from sound defects. While the choice of music background properly suit to the game atmosphere, there are frequent cases where the music break down and you cannot help but play in absolute silence.