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Immortal Lovers

Valerie did not even think that her usual family vacation may become a dangerous and fascinating adventure! A mysterious young man saves her from a huge and evil wolf in the forest but Valerie doesn't know what terrible secrets he conceals... Discover it in an absorbing hidden object adventure Immortal Lovers! A lot of objects to find and numerous puzzles to solve – it's all about this fantastic game! Can you help Valerie and find out who Vincent is?

Title - Immortal Lovers Game Download for PC Description - Have a good time with Immortal Lovers, a Holiday Games game released by Prime Games. Can you help Valerie and find out who Vincent is?
Immortal Lovers game
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Let us present you another of one of the worst games of all this time. And again we have to focus our precious attention on this cheesy premise under the title Immortal Lovers by Prime Games. It is a poorly-crafted, technically flawed and absolutely impudent attempt to make a profit out of a trite tale about vampires and a teenage girl... Read more

Immortal Lovers is allegedly a hidden object game but you will find yourself spending an awful lot of time with other dull puzzles as well. Most are fairly unoriginal and simple to get through but such tasks as “spot the differences” kill the whole game. The differences are the hardest part of the gameplay (namely the most annoying one), when things are too obscure and difficult to find all the time. The graphics are ambiguous that constantly change from good to utterly bad. The characters look totally out of place because their cartoonish style does not keep the whole game atmosphere. 

Visually, the game is converted into “ugly” to “atrocious” title. Hidden object scenes are as clear as a noon, although a number of items are almost ridiculously tiny, and their hunting will artificially stretch game time out. This flaw-out premise suggests that the developers were born yesterday and have never before tried their hands at hidden object genre. Does anybody crazy about vague scenes and silly puzzles? Are there hard-die fans of stupid “spot the differences” mini-games? We really doubt. Judging by the latest miserable games, a great number of the developers believe so. If that is the case, hidden object genre will fall into decay. Hey, developers, wake up, while there is yet time! Today’s sentence will be severe: Immortal Lovers is awful.

30, July 2010


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