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The Legend of Crystal Valley game

The Legend of Crystal Valley

One day Eve decides to visit her old parents, but when she finally comes home she discovers that her father is missing in a fantasy realm of Crystal Valley. Of course, she follows her father through the portal leading to the mysterious world without any hesitation. You'd better join Eve as she searches for her father right now, or you can miss all the fun of this challenging point-and-click adventure game called The Legend of Crystal Valley!





Sandlot Games company presents The Legend of Crystal Valley, an adventure game with.. Read more

hidden object element. You play as Eve, a daughter of archeologist, and her father has suddenly missed. Your task is to search for clues on the grounds of Eve’s family home, interact with original characters, solve different puzzles, and discover Crystal Valley, a magic and mysterious country!

The graphics is rather poor for the game of such genre, the characters can’t be called well-animated, but all the locations are colorful enough. As for the sound, the developers made the unusual thing: there are no dialogues at all, just subtitles. On the one side it’s good, cause the most part of quests suffer from long and boring conversations… but on the other side we would like to hear the voices of Valley’s inhabitants!

The gameplay is really accessible and smooth. You control Eve with the mouse, can travel back and across the screens. Besides, there is a tutorial to help the player in the first location. The great variety of puzzles is not too hard as well, so we’ve never been frustrated.

In general, we enjoyed 8 chapters of the game, stunning magic locations, and rather tricky puzzles. One request to the developers: to make the main heroine more realistic, cause her moves sometimes seemed funny and even odd.