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Jewel Charm

Genre: Puzzle

Everything looks like a fairy-tale! The Prince found his Princess and they decided to get married! But the night before wedding one awful dragon purloined the Crown Jewels! Although the brave King's knights could strike the dragon, they could not save the Crown Jewels and the jewelry was scattered over the Kingdom! Now the King needs your help to restore the jewelry! Download free exciting puzzle game Jewel Charm right now and solve many clever puzzles to piece together the jewelry so the prince and princess can have their fairytale wedding.

Title - Jewel Charm Game Download for PC Description - Release your tension with Jewel Charm, a Puzzle game presented by GameOn Software. Piece together the jewelry so the prince and princess can have their fairytale wedding!
Jewel Charm game
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Since we are not spoiled by good puzzles today, we were rather skeptical about Jewel Charm from GameOn Software. To our surprise this title turned out to be much better than the games of the same genre... Read more

If you pay no attention to the slightly shabby plot, which dwells upon poor princess struggling for her happiness, you will really like this addictive gameplay. There are three classical game modes which should please all players. Let us focus on the normal mode that is the most popular in game circles. We found it good enough to provide you with fine portion of challenge without making you hysterical. Different power-ups and fight against enemies as the thief or the witch add some extra challenge.

Jewel Charm is notable for its picturesque hand-drawn scenes, decent music and gameplay that are very easy to get into the way of playing, but there is not much depth to it. The title is soft and harmonious and in spite of repetitive soundtracks the game has a fine relaxing effect. Its mini-games are all various and break the ordinary game routine. Moreover, you are able to create your own unique puzzle and make more complicated pieces than the puzzle itself offers. Although the storyline is simple, it perfectly fits for game main idea.

Jewel Charm is ideal for killing time while you are working at the office or waiting for making coffee. It does not require much skill or smart, just click here and there to put this or that piece in the puzzle. Yes, it extremely simple but grabs your attention up to the last level. So your coffee can easily become cold. ;-)

10, June 2010


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