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Legend of Fae game

Legend of Fae

Genre: PuzzleMatch-3

Get brave and take this unforgettable adventure in new excellent Hidden Object game under the title Legend of Fae! Recently strange things have been happening on the Sea Cross Island. They say, there are mystical creatures known as Fae who are messing around and wreak all this chaos. Meet little girl named Claudia and help her and her friends find her missing uncle! Go forward to this dangerous journey with «Legend of Fae», which can be downloaded right now and absolutely free!




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To start with looking at Legend of Fae’s cover, this game might seem rather girlish and pretty boring for match-3 veterans. However, this installment is in fact a seriously deep game, with so much to consider. The story of a brave girl, Claudia, can hardly tread new ground but is still well presented. The developers managed to integrate the puzzle aspect into a battle system very good. As a result we have an extremely challenging role playing game with new enemy images and intriguing situations, requiring the use of different tactics.

In Legend of Fae the gameplay is always exciting that offers you interesting ways and forms of attack. The only downside of this title is that it can be a little difficult later on. In spite of childish graphics this game is able to keep you busy during the whole play.

Visually, Legend of Fae is very bright and vivid. Graphics are appropriate for the game’s mood and environment; it is easy to keep an eye on your characters. The developers did a good job of providing players with a lot of locations, which are all brilliantly designed. The music background is nice enough and free of any repetitive sound effects.     

Summing up, Legend of Fae is a truly enjoyable match-3 game that can appeal to everyone, who are fond of gem swapping gameplay with the light RPG element. What a nice addition to the genre!