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Magical Forest

Genre: Arcade & Action

The Magical Forest is full of different fairy creatures, but they are all in a great danger. Take care of this pretty Unicorn and majestic Phoenix! Keep your watchful eye on all these incredible inhabitants of the forest. Magical Forest is not only of sim-style resource management but a real-time strategy. Your goal is to earn 1,000,000 gold pieces to save all fabulous monsters from death. Don’t be indifferent and give them chance to live! Are you skilled enough to play this fast-paced game?

Title - Magical Forest Game Download for PC Description - Show your skills in Magical Forest, a Arcade & Action game produced by 3 Blokes Studios. Keep your watchful eye on all these incredible inhabitants of the forest!
Magical Forest game




Business before pleasure is a reasonable motto, isn’t it? But if you play Magical Forest game, get ready to fall out of life for two or three hours. 3 Blokes Studios uses all tricks to make the title as good as possible. So let us see the result then... Read more

The main idea of Magical Forest is to save different fabulous creatures from dying out. To succeed in its objective you are to raise and take care of your fuzzy pets. In fact there are no any perplexing puzzles just a lot of fast-paced actions. Get ready to train your skills as you have to click and click. So if have just bought a new mouse and want to test it out, this is a perfect game.

Besides you should look after inhabitants, quite often some presents appear from the ground. These contain gold, magical healing spells, experience points for your pets, or berries. Get enough of these points and you can buy one of three magical gadgets. The interest is kept since further helper points allow you to upgrade them again and again.

However, the biggest defect of Magical Forest is the interface. It’s confusing and messages are absolutely popping up telling you to click on things or go places. If you have some problems with quest, you will try not to pick up objects, when a new object appears and the game demands you pick it up. These flaw features irritate sometimes and make the issue clumsy to play. The graphics aren’t bad, but there’s not much to the game besides the animated world map and nice pets. The background music is slightly better and makes a good match for the game and its fairy-tale atmosphere.

Nevertheless, Magical Forest is worth playing and downloading as it can be a fine way to kill time.

15, January 2010



Lost Lands: The Golden Curse

Expires in 26 Aug 2019


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