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The Pimps

The Pimps game

  • 200 cities in the US
  • 300 districts in each city
  • Gang and clans
  • Virtual money
“The Pimps” – the best way to break the law and avoid the punishment. Hey, Dude! Now you can relax, just be cool and everything is gonna be all right. Your purpose to become the tough guy, that everybody will respect you. You should get four wheels, clothes and accessories. Make people working on you: dealers, chicks, mobsters. Boom the business! Carry the bordellos, clubs, drag laboratories and many more. Fight for earning money and the power. Participate in street fighting, join criminal clans and gangs. So, do everything possible to gain the purpose. Rule the streets!


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“The Pimps” developed and published by BigPoint Company. The game is about gangsters of our days. You will have an opportunity not only imagine how criminals behave, how earn money, fight, but also to experience all that.

Grate choice of cities and districts will please you. It is an action style game which provides possibility of character development. At the beginning you will get a start capital, area, staff… so you will be able to earn virtual money.

As you grow, you will be able to hire more, you will make a business. Wide range of businesses, you will find whatever you want cultivating grass, trading arms, carrying bordellos and so on.

Here you can choose: act by yourself (hard way) or join any clan which already have its patrons.

Nice thing is that the gameplay consist not only in fights and earning money, but you will have to take care about your style and authority. You must get best cars, the most beautiful girls, and everybody should be afraid of you