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Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White game

Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White

Genre: Hidden Object

Freeze Tag prepared for us an interesting and intriguing way of pastime. The new hidden object game Mystery Masterpiece: Woman in White, based on one of the most popular mysterious novel by Wilkie Collins. Who is this woman in white, where from is she, what are the reasons of secrets: you will try to find the answer to all these questions! Start to play and feel the atmosphere of great enigma, the fantastic graphic and music increase the impression. One more game not to miss!

If you need help in solving a certain puzzle or finding a quest item, you can download for free our strategy guide for Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White. Get a detailed walkthrough on how to complete all levels without missing a single secret option of the game absolutelly for free!




A classic ghost story is a safe choice for any hidden object storyline. Freeze Tag, a successful casual game developer, knows this simple rule launching more and more interesting hidden object titles.    Oh, yes, a beaten path is always the easiest and the cheapest way to the glory. But if the developer is able to wrap one good story into a fine production value, why not use this way... Read more

Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White is a new ghost storyline, brought to life as an addictive hidden object adventure. Its plot is based on world-illustrious Wilkie Collins’ 19th century mystery novel of the same name. In this game, you take on the role of the main hero as you see the dark and spooky Victorian England through his eyes, and attempt to crack these challenging riddles. The main hero is an art teacher, and old England as shown in this title is a real wonderful work of art. The illustrations are clean and polished, though some of them are dark a bit and gloomy at times due to the environment of the game.

The gameplay in Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White is what you would expect from a hidden object adventure game. Inventory puzzles, logical mini-games, and busy hidden object scenes are all there to entertain you. The scenes are presented very well, with the items blending in well with the background but not being too hard to find. The puzzles and mini-games are well-designed. Perhaps this is a game that you might want to play when you are feeling sorrow and just need a moody supporting. There no ground breaking points, but its good plot and high-quality of production value will keep every player entertained.