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Victorian Mysteries: The Yellow Room game

Victorian Mysteries: The Yellow Room

Genre: Hidden Object

After the young woman was attacked in her room right in the middle of the night, poor thing barely survived, but somehow the offender managed to escape! The thing is that there are only two different ways to escape the room: through the blocked window or a dead-bolted door! All this and even more wait for you in new incredible new incredible Hidden Object game under the title Victorian Mysteries: The Yellow Room! Go to the Victorian era, trace the offender and find out how he managed to get out of that room! Download Victorian Mysteries: The Yellow Room for free right now, solve all challenging puzzles and find the answers to all the questions. Good luck!

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Solving a murder case is hardly a new idea for a Hidden Object game but extremely popular among the majority of developers. If developers are creative enough, they are able to edit even this trite story. Fortunately, Victorian Mysteries: The Yellow Room is made by a really imaginative game developers – Freeze Tag... Read more

Like its two predecessors (Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone, Mystery Masterpiece: Woman in White), Victorian Mysteries: The Yellow Room is from being innovative, however this is a good example of Hidden Object game. There is everything what we usually want to see in a seek-and-hide installment.   

The gripping story of Victorian Mysteries: The Yellow Room is packed into 5 large chapters. There are lots of mysterious facts, ghosts and other strange things. The gameplay is smooth, probably lacks for dynamism, but still very good. The hidden object scenes are far more difficult than ever. The hint is rather slow to refill even in the casual mode and is available only in the hidden object scenes. Luckily, they are all fine and interesting to explore! Unlike the rest of the game the mini games are on the easier side and can be easily skipped after a while.

The interface of Victorian Mysteries: The Yellow Room is always clear and never let you down. There is a useful in-game map which is very helpful for those that like help. It tells you if something is already completed or an area of interest. Moreover, it provides you with a task list. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to use this map as a transport through the locations. Still, this is not a big problem.

Visually, Victorian Mysteries: The Yellow Room is clear, although the cutscenes with the masked man are rather odd and jumpy. As for artwork, it is brilliant and deserves only high praises.

Overall, this is a wonderful chance to test your hidden object skills or simply have a good hidden object experience.