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Mystery Trackers: Four Aces. Collector's Edition game

Mystery Trackers: Four Aces. Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

Explore the town of Brightfield and investigate the mystery in an upcoming fourth installment in the Mystery Trackers series developed by elephant Games! As the story says, the city was evacuated after a series of terrible attacks on the part of a mysterious wolf-life creature. Play Mystery Trackers: The Four Aces and discover a lot of gorgeous locations, face mind-blowing puzzles and challenging mini-games. Spectacular characters and addictive gameplay won't let you get bored! Don't waste your time and download Mystery Trackers: The Four Aces just now!

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If you played and loved all the other Mystery Trackers games, get ready for a big surprise: the same developer team called Elephant Games didn’t let you down and released a brand new Hidden Object game of unparalleled quality called Mystery Trackers: Four Aces, which is the fourth installment in the Mystery Trackers series. If you are eager to see if Elephant Games team has once again proved that it creates great Hidden Object/Puzzle game, then read the rest of the review and get ready for an adventure of your lifetime! .. Read more

Mystery Trackers: Four Aces is a single player Hidden Object/Puzzle/Adventure game that starts off with a great plot. The storyline is as follows: You’re a detective and a member of the secret organization, and your task is to investigate all the mysterious happenings that occur around you. Here you’re given an objective to investigate series of strange animal attacks which caused the needed evacuation of the town of Brightfield. First clues suggest that those responsible for the attacks are criminals calling themselves The Four Aces and you find out that this group has been doing some very creepy genetic experiments for unknown purposes.

Not to spoil the story to much, we shall move to the next feature of this game, the gameplay: there is certainly the atmosphere which is intriguing and a bit creepy. Throughout the game you will be collecting some kind of hybrid animals like the “arachnunk” and the “hedgecrab”. Also, you will be free from backtracking, so the boredom is minimal. The hidden object scenes are maybe not so great, but they are still fun, and nicely organized. In most of them you are finding the Hidden Objects, and in some of them they are interact. There is no penalty for random clicks, even on harder difficulty levels. On the other hand, the puzzles and mini-games are absolutely fantastic, and beside some old ones, you will find some new and innovative puzzles that will make you think. Unfortunately, some of them are still too easy.  Another great addition to the gameplay in Mystery Trackers: Four Aces is solving the problems with the help of the Elf, who appeared in another game of the series. You can even gear up your little helper if you want. You have a journal map to use, which shows the objectives in yellow, and saves you a lot of time for looking for clues.

Another two great features of this game are the graphics and the music! What is so great about them? If you download the one-hour free trial version, or if you purchase and play the full version of Mystery Trackers: The Four Aces, you will experience the abundance of colors, smartly designed, colorful and vivid scenes which allow players to hunt for the Hidden Objects, but still enjoy the view. The visual presentation is clear and smooth, there is no lagging and character models are really well-done. The music and sound effects are top-notch, and there are really nothing wrong to be said about the theme. Voice-overs are okay, although lip syncing is off sometimes, and that is a thing that could be improved.

So, all in all, Mystery Trackers: Four Aces is a top-quality single player Hidden Object/Puzzle/Adventure game that can be downloaded and played either in the free trial or full version, and which will give you hours of fun and detective work. Very original plot with some great twists, imaginative and inventive gameplay paired with modern graphics and interesting music, that all results in a great game from Mystery Trackers series you shouldn’t miss!