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Nicktoons: Hoverzone

Your favorite Nicktoons heroes - SpongeBob, Danny Phantom and Patrick – invite you to have a lot of fun in the new game Nicktoons: Hoverzone. This time around, these intrepid sea-world heroes and you must save the lives of all sea inhabitants. Escape keen traps, solve tricky puzzles and resist against enemies! Do not forget to collect all coins on your way to get more scores. Download Nicktoons: Hoverzone absolutely for free and enjoy captivating gameplay.

Title - Nicktoons: Hoverzone Game Download for PC Description - Show your skills in Nicktoons: Hoverzone, a Movie Games game devised by Like Dynamite. Join SpongeBob to battle against traps and puzzles!
Nicktoons: Hoverzone game
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Seems like the popularity of the cartoon Sponge Bob will never end!The developers Like Dynamite have released the next game about this wonderful character and his friends. Meet Nicktoons: Hoverzone! .. Read more

In general this is a nice action game mostly for kids. You must help the characters accomplish different tasks. Help SpongeBob, Danny Phantom, Patrick and three other heroes make their way through 60 ingenious levels. Skate through gates, traps, and electric barriers to figure out the maze puzzles and locate the end. Watch out for robotic enemies that stand in your way and remember to pick up coins or health energy for special surprises. The better prepared you get them, the better their chances are for success.

Every level has a certain goal that you must achieve in the allotted time in order to get to the next one. All levels have coins that you must collect to get bonuses and unlock new levels.  Gamaplay is dynamic, you won’t be bored. The graphic is good at the first sight, everything is bright and colorful. Sound effects are quite good and the music is nice, but a bit repetitive.

There are many characters to choose from, but in the first levels you can only play with SpongeBob; then you can choose whichever you prefer.  There are lots of obstacles and enemies that you have to avoid or kill if you want to succeed with your mission. You also have a certain amount of energy to complete the mission. If you run out of it, you lose a life and have to start the level all over again. You have three lives, but you can collect more as you play. What is more, there are lots of power-ups that you can collect in order to win the levels faster and more easily.

Unfortunately, the game only includes one mode, and only one difficulty level, which is still pretty challenging. The game is very long and enjoyable, so kids will be entertained for while. In short, Nicktoons HoverZone is challenging action game thatchildren will like and that will surely keep you playing for while with your favorite characters!

9, September 2011


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