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Otherworld: Spring of Shadows Collector's Edition game

Otherworld: Spring of Shadows Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

Dive into incredible adventure and save little girl in new amazing Hidden Object game Otherworld: Spring of Shadows! The menacing shadow took little Fiona and now it's up to you to make everything possible and let her come back home! Explore a mystical world full of secrets and reveal them all! Solve all challenging puzzles and use the help of cute and friendly magical creatures! Download Otherworld: Spring of Shadows right now, it is available for free special for you! Draw in the world of fantasy and rescue Fiona! Good luck!

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for Windows

This game is also available for : iPad & iPhone




Otherworld: Spring of Shadows developed by Boomzap Entertainment is a nice change from all the horror titles recently seen on casual game market. .. Read more

To start with, the plot is rather tragic but Otherworld: Spring of Shadows is still bright in colors and notable for its magnificent scenes. This is the way to use infants in a breathtaking story - involve them into a thrilling, yet ominous fairy tale type plot. The title offers you an intriguing travel to a magical world, where you are to save a young girl. So, the game is an amazingly gorgeous and mysterious, and most definitely otherworldly.     

Although Otherworld: Spring of Shadows is presented as a Hidden Object installment, this is more an adventure one. In spite if the fact that there are very few hidden object scenes, most of them are of different types. Locations is not only wonderful but vary from the magical garden to countryside, dark forest or haunted mansion. Puzzles are mostly easy, maybe even too primitive but they are overall very funny to deal with.

There are no mind-boggling puzzles or mini-games though, Otherworld: Spring of Shadows is still very challenging. Thanks to bright, colorful and detailed graphics this title looks perfect and extremely cute. Fairy ambiance in every detail from the style of artwork to the genre of music makes this game unforgettable and very atmospheric. The voice-acting is great and the cut scenes are nice to follow. The music background fits the mood of the game and it is really easy to listen to while playing.

Finally, if you want to have a break from hazy spooky games and junk pile hidden object scenes, Otherworld: Spring of Shadows will provide you with a high-lighted gameplay wrapped into a very very beautiful cover.