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Phenomenon: Meteorite Collector's Edition game

Phenomenon: Meteorite Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

What kind of a game deserves a thousand of the enthusiastic responses? First and foremost this game must include an interesting and catching story. The world represented in the game must be beautiful and detailed. The new Hidden Object game Phenomenon 2: Meteorite satisfies all these requirements. The developers Puzzle Lab and Big Fish Games had done their best! The plot of the sequel let us observe the path of a young man who tries to find his parents despite of an unavoidable danger his adventure leads to. His aim is a mysterious island. In this place the main character will face the truth about his origin. He must fight with the foes in the name of a peaceful future! The future where he and his parents will be together again! By the way, our young man could use some help! If you are brave enough to join him, then welcome to a board! Enjoy the new Phenomenon 2: Meteorite!





Have you ever heard about the Phenomenon: City of Cyan? We bet you could not resist the temptation! It is understandable, this game gives a nice eerie experience! So, there is the good news for all the Cyan explorers! The Puzzle Lab studios prepare the sequel named Phenomenon: Meteorite! We should mention one more thing to prevent you from making a beforehand conclusion about this Phenomenon. Despite the fact that it is the sequel, it is not connected with the City of Cyan! This time you are given a brand-new story. However, the spirit of the predecessor is still there! Fasten your seat belts because we are going to follow this Meteorite... Read more

The storyline will grasp your attention without doubt! You are offered to keep Daniel company during his journey. Your target is an isolated island. The Daniel’s parents are missing and it is possible that they are held as the hostages somewhere in the isle. How could happen something like that? To answer the question we must travel back in time. Twenty years ago the existing situation on the island force the Daniel’s parents to abandon the child in order to save his life. Daniel was adopted by foster parents. All these years he was dreaming about the reunification with the real family. One day, Daniel received the message. It contained some information about the location of his parents. So, Daniel sets off for a journey without delay. There is one more thing you should know about the island. Many centuries ago, a meteorite struck in the surface of the island. The meteorite is still there. Obviously, this celestial body had an effect on the forthcoming events somehow. It is up to you to find out the secret of this meteorite. Also, you should help Daniel deliver parents from the evil. We must say this task is not the easy one. You will face the mysterious community that will not stop until they will see the last of you. So, be careful! The Meteorite is a groundbreaking game. It devotes an attention to the Adventure. It is the benefit, actually. The Hidden Objects scenes are rare. Also, these scenes are composite. It means, they are made of several parts. You will have to switch between the scenes to complete the searching. If you cannot find some required items, you are able to choose a word game instead. It is a nice opportunity for the deadlock haters. Also, there are some Puzzles. Unfortunately, they are not remarkable. They differ from each other by a negligible margin.

Another advantage goes to the graphics. It is great! We appreciate the artwork very much! If you are fond of skipping the cut scenes, you will miss a lot of beautiful visual images. So, please, follow our piece of advice and give a try to these cut scenes! You will not be disillusioned! The voice overs are perfectly synchronized with moves of character’s lips. Also, they are right for the age of the heroes. The soundtrack does not force us to focus our attention on it. It is a right choice of a background music.

What can we say about this game in conclusion? It is just great! The Meteorite tries to break a habit that is dominating among the casual games. This game wants to get rid of a boring Hidden Object cliché and bring an Adventure to the forefront. We hope this Meteorite is just the beginning of a massive Adventure shower. For now, do not miss a chance to see what this game wants to show you. It is worth playing.