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Puppy Sanctuary

Genre: PuzzleMatch-3

Make your way to Puppy Island as soon as possible, 'cause the amusing pets are in dander! Their peaceful and beautiful land is captured by the aliens in Puppy Sanctuary! Clearing up the Match-3 boards, you can free them from the cages where they are kept by the malicious invaders. You will undoubtedly like the eye-catching game locations, which you can decorate buying add-ons after you've collected enough gems. You can also entertain your doggy pets with toys and treats. All in all, Puppy Island game is worth downloading due to its gripping gameplay and well done graphics. Besides, you can do it absolutely for free!

Title - Puppy Sanctuary Game Download for PC Description - Discover Puppy Sanctuary, a Puzzle game made by Pi Eye Games. Drive the alien invaders out of Puppy Island and save your four-legged pets from confinement!
Puppy Sanctuary game





Sim games have always been very popular with the players. Pi Eye Games company’s recent project Kitten Sanctuary wasn’t an exclusion. Perhaps, success after its release moved the developers to create something very similar. In fact, Puppy Sanctuary hardly differs from the previous game. To be more exact, all the changes are already reflected in the title: there are puppies instead of kittens, that’s it. Then what are we going to wait for next: hamsters or fish?.. Read more

The events take place on Puppy Island which is captured by the aliens. Your game challenge is to rescue the puppies completing the Match-3 boards. Actually, Puppy Sanctuary is a standard Match-3 game with the swap mode only. As you clear a gaming board, a puppy is saved and comes to be in the sanctuary. The gameplay doesn’t vary during all the 80 levels, but if you expect to get any bonuses or rewards for saving all the pets, you bark up the wrong tree. Besides, in the course of completing the levels there is even no content unlockable. In actual fact, the game has poor gameplay, because there is no ultimate aim as such. Alternatively, it could be a triumphant scene of driving the aliens out, but no provision has been made for it. There is also a technical minus of the game composition: the boards are too slow-response to clicking on the items.

Can it be true that Puppy Sanctuary has no pros? Well, it has cute artwork at least. Its graphical design and animations are quite well done and eye-catching. It makes an impression of a funny colorful cartoon for the very young with a bit simplistic, toy-like pet characters.

Perhaps, Puppy Island is rated for the youngest audience who don’t care about the fast-paced gameplay (by the way, you can play untimed here) or about dissatisfactory ending, whether they cut up about this at all! On the other hand, with account of such audience, the little ones are not able and have no patience to spend hours passing through 80 game levels. The question is, what’s the problem with Puppy Sanctuary? The general incompleteness and clashes are evident.

16, June 2011



Path of Sin: Greed

Expires in 1566802800

Lost Lands: The Golden Curse

Expires in 26 Aug 2019


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