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Reveries: Sisterly Love Collector's Edition game

Reveries: Sisterly Love Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

Repay your affectionate sister in the new touching Hidden object game Reveries: Sisterly Love. You were terminally ill and your sister sacrificed her youth and her soul in order to save you. Now you are completely healed but your sister is no longer with you. You realize that you will overcome any obstacles to return your sister back and you decide to head for her search. Numerous hazardous adventures are ahead on your way and be ready to meet the real witch.





Every developing team likes to celebrate big anniversaries and milestones, and what better way to celebrate it than with a brand new game? The developing team under the name ERS G- Studio celebrates their new milestone by creating their fiftieth game. This game is named Reveries: Sisterly Love and it is a story about the power of family love. Get ready for a game that will take you to a magic continent through a secret portal and which will bring you hours of fun. If you get to like this game from reading this review, you can always download and play the demo version of this game absolutely free! And if you want to play unlimitedly, then you can purchase the full version of the game!.. Read more

Even though the storyline is always an important part of hidden object games, Reveries: Sisterly Love is a game which uses a pretty common and well known tale about twin sisters, one of which is captured by an old witch, so you are not up for a big surprise here. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the plot is boring, and to ensure of this, we will share some interesting details about it: the story follows you and your twin sister, Monica. Unfortunately, you got very ill and your sister sacrificed her beauty and soul to a witch in order to save you. Now that you have become strong once again, you begin a search for your sister and you decide to go into a magical land and defeat the evil witch who captured you sister! It is not going to be an easy task, but the life of your sister depends on you! Surely, even if this story is not that original, it is interesting!

The most important part of this game called Reveries: Sisterly Love is its gameplay! This game is said to be a mixture of hidden object game and a puzzle, with different elements of mystery games. Of course, hidden object scenes are the most numerous during the game, and they are very fun. It is very good that there are different types of hidden object scenes, as this way the player will never get bored. For example, you will be required to find several pairs of the same object, or certain number of toys, or only items that match the silhouette. Apart from that, you will have to solve many different puzzles, which range from the easier ones, like puzzles or matching items, to harder ones, like the one with the weaving machine. For some players this might be too hard, but don’t worry, there are three modes of difficulty which can be changed even during the game. You will also have your diary, which possesses different observations that you wrote down during your quest, and the inventory with items which need to be used. If you cannot solve a puzzle or a hidden object scene, then you can use hints. If the evil witch appears, you must use your amulet to fight her.

However, neither the storyline nor the gameplay are the best part of this game. Believe or not, graphics and music are what makes this game stand out! All the scenes are full of different shapes and colors, but in a nice way, and you will see many fairy tale characters and creatures. The voiceovers are very good and the music fits the ambience.

All things considered, Reveries: Sisterly Love is a very good game which celebrate a milestone very appropriately – with stunning graphics and lovely sound effects, but also with very good gameplay and an intriguing story! Don’t miss this game!