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Samantha Swift: Mystery From Atlantis

Genre: Hidden Object

Embark on the adventure to uncover one of legendary mysteries of Atlantis! You can visit the entire world with Samantha Swift in search of artifacts that hide the secrets of the past! You will be an archaeologist, an experienced traveller and history’s expert. Your mission is not only to gather all elements of the Ancient Atlantis’s enigmatic scheme, but save the world! This scheme is the target of certain Markus Payne and it’s up to you to prevent his evil projects!

Title - Samantha Swift: Mystery From Atlantis Game Download for PC Description - Become acquainted with Samantha Swift: Mystery From Atlantis, a Hidden Object game originated by Mumbo Jumbo. Embark on the adventure to uncover one of legendary mysteries of Atlantis!
Samantha Swift: Mystery From Atlantis game

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Samantha Swift: Mystery from Atlantis is the third game by Mumbo Jumbo that stars the female archeologist as she once again traverses the globe to solve an epic mystery. The latest installment has not changed in style from it its predecessors. As usual the storyline is quite intriguing, however, this one feels and looks dated by comparison... Read more

The game offers a timed mode or relaxed but the core gameplay remains the same between the two: hunt for well-hidden objects in a busy scene. You’ll be asked to solve adventure game-like puzzles with items placed in your inventory, such as a key to start a snowmobile or loud items that make noise in order to cause an avalanche. Some items are listed as riddles, so instead of telling you the actual name of the object “penguin” it might say something like “Antarctic citizen.” Or “criminal’s bracelet” instead of “handcuffs.”

Samantha Swift: Mystery from Atlantis is generous for hints, having different kinds of them. If you get stuck on these hidden object levels, click the scanner and you’ll see a silhouette of what the item looks like. This is a good idea as this game has some odd objects at times. If you’re really clueless you can use up a hint or two and it will show you where on the level the object is. Don’t hurry to use all available hints as finishing a scene without any help gives you a fat point bonus.

Most of the mini games are of the classic variety, be it spot the differences, color matching and other simple puzzles, but they’re all nicely tied to the story and location. Also, at the end of each location you’ll collect a number of special artifacts and you can visit the multi-room Museum of Secrets Lost from the main menu to look at your work.

Unfortunately, Samantha Swift: Mystery from Atlantis retains its cartoon-like look and lacks the same amount of detail and impressive animation. If its graphics were polished it would attract much more players. But for the real fans of this title there are no reasons to be upset as it still challenging and entertaining. Happy gaming!



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