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SCUM game


SCUM is a realistic open-world survival craft game brought in early access on steam by Gamepires. According to the plot, a powerful television mogul decided to bring entertainment to a whole new level by setting up a 144 sq km island filled with scum of the earth (hence the name of the game). All these prisoners are going to do is trying to survive under day and night cycles and harsh weather conditions for the sake of gaining popularity and fame among TV viewers. They say if you're lucky enough, you may find your way out of the island. A player assumes the role of one of the prisoners to put their survival abilities to the test. The RPG feature enables a wide variety of customization including personal appearance, tattoos, outfits. The game also incorporates an advanced metabolism system affecting your character directly. Nutrition and physical activity influence the character's physique, stamina, and mobility. Another room for improvement deals with skills. Special training programs will teach you how to shoot firearms (and bow), using melee weapons, fighting hand-to-hand. To provide yourself with a provision you need to go hunting. Beware of the wildlife which is spread across the acres of this sandbox world as it's easy to become prey instead of a hunter. As you learn in the process, death in SCUM is just the beginning of another existence as a living dead. Gaining knowledge is a key to survival in this game.

Tags: Survival, Open World Survival Craft, Open World, Multiplayer, Zombies, Massively Multiplayer, Early Access, Action, Adventure, Crafting, Realistic, Nudity, Violent, FPS, Indie, Singleplayer, PvP, Third Person, Gore, RPG



Minimal system requirements

OS: Windows 7 SP1 / 8 / 10 (64bit)

Processor: Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz or AMD Dual-Core Athlon 2.5 GHz

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT / AMD Radeon HD 5670 / Intel HD Graphics 4000 with 512 MB VRAM

DirectX: Version 10

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Storage: 20 GB available space

Sound Card: DirectX®-compatible on-board