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The Seawise Chronicles: Untamed Legacy game

The Seawise Chronicles: Untamed Legacy

Visit the enchanted world and help main hero Thomas to find his grandmother! Untamed Legacy is full of mysteries and only you, the Hidden Object games master, can find all clues to understand the secrets of this strange place. Are you ready for the exciting adventure? The fairy tales of Thomas become the truth and you can be the hero of this incredible story! Download free The Seawise Chronicles: Untamed Legacy and test your logic skills!

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We all rejoiced, when we learned that the new interesting game under the title The Seawise Chronicles: Untamed Legacy from Maximize Games was released. The presented screenshots indicated of high quality of the game, as we saw pictures of thrilling adventures in fantasy world, nice characters, perfect graphic and sound, intuitive puzzles, a lot of hidden object scenes and a huge pile of the most “interesting” and “intriguing” things. What is the result? Let’s look upon all of the points one after another... Read more

The game plot isn’t thrilling at all and rather mediocre. The player has to find lost grandmother and sister in the fantasy world. A goatman helps the player in all the tasks, but nobody can actually say, where he is from and why he is doing that. Gigantic turtles, magicians, dark elves, hobbits and other characters are cute, but they are unfortunately rarely wordless. Why did the developers decide to synchronize the main character and to leave the minor characters dumb is totally unclear. We turned sound off after about the first fifteen minutes. What regards “intuitive puzzles”, so we have no words. To begin with, none of the puzzles is really intuitive. It’s absolutely impossible to find some of the objects, because they are buried behind the toolbar. In order to find them the toolbar has to be hidden but then the next problem occurs. How can you find an item, when the object list is off?  Another variant in this situation is to use hints permanently, but where is the challenge then?

But we have to admit that the developers still kept one of their promises, because the graphic in the game is really perfect: beautiful fairy locations, detailed characters and wonderful fairy style. This is probably the only advantage of the new The Seawise Chronicles: Untamed Legacy. But it’s a great pity, because there is definitely huge potential, and if the developers had tried harder they would have definitely achieved greater results. But now we hope that Maximize Games will take into account all their faults and gladden us with their new game in the nearer future.