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Shutter Island

Genre: Hidden Object

Take a role of a U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels in the new casual game based on the upcoming feature film "Shutter Island" by Paramount Pictures - the game Shutter Island. Along with his partner Chuck Auleas, they attempt to locate patients that have escaped Ashecliffe during a recent hurricane. The game will consist of 7 levels and 20 environments. In addition, there will be multiple mini-games that move the player through Ashecliffe, creating unique interactions with characters from the film. You may download free the game Shutter Island and dive in exciting adventure in new hidden object game.

Title - Shutter Island Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Do your best in Shutter Island, a Hidden Object game produced by Merscom LLC. Take a role of a U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels in the new casual game based on the upcoming feature film "Shutter Island" by Paramount Pictures!
Shutter Island game




Today it is rather popular to base game’s storyline on recognized and well-known novels or films. So Merscom, the developers of Shutter Island, recons on the Dennis Lehane novel and upcoming film. As a result we got a new hidden object game with spooky plot and brilliant graphics... Read more

According to the plot you arrive at Shutter Island to track down an escaped patient, the convicted murderer. Apart from disappearing patients, there are other secrets that you are to uncover. Honestly, the idea of the game was quite good but Merscom did not manage to take as much advantage of the theme, as they could have. So the project driven by ambition turned out to be an ordinary point-and-click adventure. Hardly ever you will have any problem with the gameplay because there is no timer and plenty of rechargeable hints. Actually, it is pretty easy to find items and there is not much variety in the mini-games, however, it would have been more challenging with a timer.

Anyway, the artwork is much better than gameplay. Accurate colors and flashlights convey gloomy atmosphere of Shutter Island. Nevertheless, some objects are poorly drawn so you cannot avoid misclicks, which are panelized. It is funny, but perhaps random click is the one challenge of this title. The storyline is vague at times due to undeveloped idea. Sometimes it is impossible to understand who he/she is and why he/she is. Probably there will be a sequel to put two and two together. All in all, Shutter Island is not a bad game but too simple for hidden object pro.         



Reflections of Life: Dark Architect

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